Forensic Accounting

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

At LJS Accounting Services our forensic team has significant experience in personal injury and clinical negligence as we have been instructed in a vast amount of cases over the years. The team have received instructions to prepare reports by Claimant, Defendant and as a single joint expert.

Our Services:

• Loss of earnings reports
• Loss of pension reports
• Fatal accident claims
• Clinical and professional negligence claims
• Industrial diseases Compensation claims (in particular Mesothelioma)
• Consideration of loss of benefits-in-kind
• Reporting on loss of capital, including goodwill
• Assistance with preparation of Schedules and Counter Schedules
• Criminal Injuries Compensation claims
• Shadow expert reports/advice.

Commercial Disputes

The commercial world continues to be increasingly litigious. At LJS Accounting Services we can explain clearly the financial issues to aid the cost effective settlement of disputes by offering our extensive experience to provide independent and objective advice at all stages of disputes.

Our Services:

• Breach of contract
• Business interruption
• Financial investigations
• Share and Business Valuations
• Partnership dissolution and profit share disputes
• Loss of profits
• Fraudulent/negligent misrepresentation

Fraud Investigations

A few high profile fraud cases hit the headlines where hundreds of millions are involved; however, many cases go unreported and indeed undiscovered. Recent surveys have shown that businesses continue to underestimate the risk of fraud - fewer than one in five businesses expect to be affected by economic crime however half have suffered. It is important to respond rapidly to a suspicion of fraud. At LJS Accounting Services we can guide you from planning the investigation right through to reporting to the relevant authorities if necessary.

Our Services:

• The evaluation of the suspicion
• Planning an investigation
• Protecting evidence
• Fact finding
• Summarising findings into a report based format
• Reporting to the relevant authorities
• Beginning the process for the recovery of assets

Proceeds’ of Crime

At LJS Accounting Services we are usually instructed by a Defendant who has been convicted of a crime and has been served with a confiscation order under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

We will then review the report prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service. These reports usually state that the Defendant has benefited from a “Criminal Lifestyle”. The Crown Prosecution Service will look to recover the alleged benefit from the Defendant’s known assets.

Our task as forensic accountants, is to exam the Prosecution’s report and identify any legitimate income that has been incorrectly included. Defendants are often left astounded at the level of benefit that is being claimed. We will review the evidence that is providing in regard to the Defendant’s assets and make any adjustments that are needed.

The reports we prepare include a detailed examination of the Defendants financial records in a clear and precise lay out. When we are instructed in these matters it usually results in a substantial reduction in the original assessed benefit by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Matrimonial Disputes

The landmark decision by the House of Lords in White v White in 2000 has changed the basis on which financial settlements in many matrimonial proceedings are reached, particularly where those assets include shares in private companies.

At LJS Accounting Services we can explain clearly the financial issues to aid the cost effective settlement of disputes and can provide independent and objective advice on the financial aspects of matrimonial dispute.

Our Services:

• Assessing the value of shares in private companies
• Evaluating the ability of the parties to raise funds on the strength of their ownership of shares and other assets
• Unearthing hidden assets
• Advising on tax implications on the division or disposal of assets
• Reviewing pension assets
• Handling mortgage and loan disputes.

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